Manufacturers & Stockists of: Carbon Steel, Bright Shaftings, Nickle Chromium Steel, Spring Steel, Stainless Steel, High Speed Steel, Hot Die Steel, High Carbon High Chromium Steel, Case Hardening steel, Oil Hardening Non-Shrinking Steel, Steel in En-Series, ISI-Series, SAE-Series, DIN - Series
Factory Infrustructure
4 Ton Capacity Induction furnace - CASTING FURNACE
We have our own steel cast shop, eqipped with ladles and high quality testing equipments, which guarentees castings of fine grain structure conforming to the strictest chemical specifications. We can manufacture ingots from 75 Kgs. to 4000 Kgs. in almost all alloy and non alloy steel grades, including Tool & Die Steel. The sizes of ingots varies from 4" to 26".
Hot Rolling - Collaboration with others
Steam Forging Hammer - 6 Ton Capacity
We have complete modern facilities for the manufacture of open die forgings in various alloy and non alloy grades. We are adequately eqipped with thermocouple equepped furnaces, EOT cranes; and have arrangements to handle jobs upto 4000 Kgs. per piece. With an installed capacity to produce 4000 Tons of forgings per annum, we are confident to meet large and small requirements quite comfortably. Our products has found wide acceptances in engineering , gear manufacturing, die manufacturing and a host of other activities. We supply materials in forged or proof machined condition as per specific requirements of the customers. We also have our own cutting facilities to supply materials in either multiple lengths or in cut to size pieces.
Auto Bogie Hearth Heat Treatment
We have 50 ton capacity unit with digital controller and recorder.
Testing Facility
  Wet Laboratory Analysis Facility
Digital Microscope with photo Oscilloscope
We have the latest spectro chemical analysis machine of Spectromax from which we can get the results of various element's of alloys to make batter quality of steel and can be confident of our chemical composition.Our factory is going to be a NABL certified factory very soon.
  Rockwell Hardness Tester
  After in house treatment of our finished product we generally check the hardness of the materials by our latest Rockwell Hardness Testing machine.
  Ultrasonic testing facility
After forging of materials an ultrasonic test under ASTMA388 standard is carried out to ensure the quality of the materials.
Finishing Facility
1. Bendshaw Cutting Machine - 3 pcs (14", 16", 22")
We process bendshow cutting machine as per photograph shown here.
2. Straightening Machine (Round & Flat)
Our straightening machine is capable of straightening materials from 16 MM to 63 MM dia rounds etc.
3. Billet Grinding Machine
These are used for removing the surface defects of our materials before despatch.
4. Rotoflex Flexible Grinding Machine
5. Angular Grinding Machine - 04 pcs
6. Swing Grinding Machine - 04 pcs

a. Crane & Elivators -

a) 15 Ton Overhead Crane with 5 Ton Auxiliary Hoist - 01 pcs
b) 10 Ton Overhead Crane - 01 pcs
c) 5 Ton Hoist Crane - 02 pcs
b. 60 Ton Electronic Weighting Bridge
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